If my team purchases tickets w/special seating, can we sit together?

We will have more details on how you can request to sit with your teams.

How can I upgrade my ticket?

Ticket upgrades for FESTA America 2019 are not an available option. As with concert tickets, if you have already purchased a FESTA America ticket and would like to upgrade, you must purchase the ticket you wish to have and make arrangements to give away or sell your original ticket purchase.

What do i do if I purchase more than one ticket to FESTA America?

It will be your responsibility as the original ticket holder to issue the other ticket(s) accordingly to your members/guests.  Please make sure to keep a log or record of who you give the tickets to for your future reference.

Do I need to provide my member ID number when buying tickets?

As NPUSA is a member-based company, your member ID is necessary for tracking purposes.

How can a new member purchase tickets with the special pricing?

Please have your new member contact Customer Service by phone at 1-800-378-0321, in order to process both the ticket purchase at the special rate AND the application confirmation.  This special promotion includes Aloha, and Pualani. ONLY while supplies last.  NOTE:  The new member will be allowed to purchase up to 4 additional tickets at the special price.  However, these tickets must be purchased within 30 days of registration by the new member.

Is there a cutoff date for the new sign-up discount?

Yes, the last day for new sign-ups to take advantage of the new sign-up discount is June 14th, 2019.

Who is eligible to receive the new sign up discount?

New NPUSA members who sign up are eligible to take advantage of this discount.

Ali’i (VIP) Tickets

If I purchase an Ali’i (VIP) ticket, do I need to book my hotel?

Ali’i (VIP) ticket holders will receive special NP room booking services upon purchase of Ali’i ticket and completion of the Ali’i room request form.

If I purchase an Ali'i (VIP) ticket how do I start booking my room?

Please click to here to complete the “Ali’i Room Request Form: https://npusainc.typeform.com/to/piPqPv

If I purchase an Ali'i (VIP) ticket, can my family stay with me?

Yes, this is up to the discretion of the Ali’i ticket holder. Rooms are based on single/double occupancy, extra fees may be assessed for additional guests staying in the room. Please keep in mind any “swag” or special dinners is for the VIP ticket holder ONLY!

What type of room will be included with the Ali’i (VIP) ticket?

Rooms are NOT included with the Ali’i (VIP) ticket.  Ali’i (VIP) ticket holders will have the option to book (through NPUSA) and purchase (with Sheraton Waikiki) the room(s) of their choice starting with completion of the Ali’i Room Request Form AFTER purchase of the actual Ali’i (VIP) ticket.

What dates will the Ali'i rooms cover for the hotel stay?

The Ali’i (VIP) rooms will cover the dates of Friday, June 21st and Saturday, June 22nd.

Event Registration

What do I need to check in at FESTA America 2019?

A printed copy of your ticket or displayed on your mobile device.

What if I don’t have my ticket when I arrive at the event registration?

We need each attendee to provide a printed copy, or an electronic copy on their mobile device.

What are the Registration Times?

Please check back soon for registration time updates!

Hotel Rooms

When is the last day to book a hotel room with the NPUSA group rate?

May 22nd, 2019 5:00pm HST

What other fees are not included in the room rates at Sheraton Waikiki?

4.712% state tax, 10.25% Transient Accommodation Tax, and $15 discounted resort fee.

FESTA America 2019 Hours

What are the time durations for FESTA America 2019?

Please check back soon for detailed event times!

Opening Party

How do I enter the Opening Party?

Each attendee will receive a wristband to the Opening Party during the event registration.

Do I need my ticket to enter the opening party?

A wristband exclusively for the opening party will be issued at the time of event check-in.

NPUSA Mall Hours during Convention 2019

What time is the Mall going to open?

Please check back soon for NPUSA Mall hours at FESTA America 2019!

What items will be sold at the NPUSA Mall at the event?

We will announce the new and great items we will have close to the event date.

Kemin Eye Testing

Will I have to reserve a time for the KEMIN eye testing?

Pualani ticket holders will need to stop at the event registration to reserve a Kemin eye test time. Times are based on first come, first serve. Ali’i (VIP) ticket holders will have the service of reserving their Kemin eye test times in advance.

What are the KEMIN Eye Testing hours during FESTA America 2019?

Please check back soon for detailed Kemin Eye test times!

NPUSA (Las Vegas) Office Hours

What are NPUSA Corporate office hours for FESTA America 2019?

Please check back soon for NPUSA Corporate office hours during the week of FESTA America

Minors attending FESTA America 2019

Do I need to purchase a ticket for children under 18 years of age?

Children under 18 years of age will not need a ticket for the event. During the ticket purchasing process there is a question we ask about children under 18 attending. For seat accommodations we do recommend you submit if you are bringing children to the event.

Does my child need to purchase a lunch ticket for the event?

No lunch will be provided during FESTA America 2019.

Can minors attend the opening party?

Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

General Questions

Since lunch will not be provided for the event, where can we go to eat?

Please click on the link to see a list of places to eat during the lunch break.

Royal Hawaiian Center
Store Directory :: Royal Hawaiian Center :: Honolulu, HI
Royal Hawaiian Center offers 310,000 square feet of delight for Hawaii shoppers. The center is one of Hawaii’s largest shopping malls.

What does it mean that my ticket will be non-transferable?

Non-transferable means you may not use it for any other NPUSA event or any other FESTA America event. If you are unable to attend and would like to give the ticket to someone else, you may do so.

Is there an event parking rate at the Sheraton Waikiki?

Yes, attendees that will be driving to the event will have a special rate for event parking of $10/day.