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World Leadership Invitational 2020

The biggest NPUSA all-expense-paid incentive trip of the year!

How about a trip to JAPAN where you absorb the energy of FESTA—the annual Naturally Plus World Convention—and partake in scenic tours of the country, facilities where IZUMIO, Super Lutein and Mirto+ are made and enjoy all other memorable activities especially planned for you! AND THAT’S NOT ALL! The newest WLI location yet!  ITALY— you’ll experience a special European excursion to one of the most beautiful countries on this planet!  With all its history and grandeur.  Join us for an experience that you will never forget….  Naturally Plus USA – creating breakthrough memories!


Period: July 1st 2019 - June 30th 2020

25,000 Points Left & Right

Achieve the Spirit Bonus (Option 1 or 2)

Achieve both in the same (odd-even) two-month period

Achieve by February 29, 2020, and get recognized on stage at FESTA America 2020.



If you are to qualify and participate in WLI, participation deems that you are in full agreement of the following Terms and Conditions.

QUALIFICATION TERMS:  Terms are applicable during the qualification period as specified within the campaign details. To qualify, meet the requirements stated in the QUALIFICATIONS for the WLI Tour incentive campaign. ONLY NPUSA AFFILIATE MEMBERS ARE ABLE TO QUALIFY FOR THE WLI incentive campaign. Preferred Customers and Retail Customers are not eligible. Qualified members will be notified by an NPUSA representative.  Upon qualification, NPUSA will reward each Affiliate with a WLI TOUR Package which includes a roundtrip ticket from the United States to the stated destination(s) for the announced WLI year, to stay at accommodations booked by NPUSA, a Welcome Party, full participation in tours and transportation provided by NPUSA, admission for one FESTA World ticket for USA seating at FESTA 2020, a tour of the Super Lutein manufacturing facility, a tour of the IZUMIO manufacturing facility, a farewell party designated by NPUSA, some time to explore Japan and Italy.  WLI achievers will receive a trip to the WLI designated destination(s) for the specified year to include all of the above.


TRIP INCLUSION and DEVIATION TERMS:  Incentive Trip dates will be limited to the dates outlined and announced by NPUSA.  Affiliates must comply with all incentive trip specifics such as flight, hotel arrangements and tour times.  Affiliates must participate in all incentive trip activities, unless specified by health limitations detailed by a medical professional and NPUSA approval.  Any or all deviations (changes or cancellations in flights, hotel, tour and transportation) which may incur additional costs on top of the NPUSA-designed trip will be the responsibility of the Affiliate and if not paid upfront prior to two full months from the departure date, will automatically be charged to the credit card on file on the Affiliate’s account plus any shipping/handling and/or taxes.  If the credit card charge is declined for any reason, NPUSA has the right to remove amount owed to NPUSA from Affiliate commissions and/or bill the Affiliate.  Contact the NPUSA Sales Division Lead immediately for any concerns.


GENERAL TERMS:  NPUSA reserves the right to remove or modify any qualifications or rewards when deemed necessary without any prior notification to Affiliates.  NPUSA reserves the right to terminate, change or otherwise deal with the promotion at any time it deems appropriate without prior notice to the Affiliates. NPUSA shall take no liabilities for any health or financial claim, loss, damage, cost or expense incurred by any person that arises in relation to this promotion.  Qualification is non-transferable to any other member or third party.  Incentive Trip costs are non-transferable and are not redeemable in cash or a payout.  All qualifications will be reviewed upon achieving the incentive trip and may be revoked if qualification was not accurately met.  Any member found tampering, transferring, manipulating or cheating will be automatically disqualified.  All rights reserved NPUSA © copyright 2016-2019.