If you have questions that are unanswered, please contact NPUSA’s customer service at (800) 378-0321 or info@npusainc.com.

What are the NP Fan Caravan packages?

These are packages for members who do not expect to achieve ELEVATE 2023, however, wish to attend FESTA World Convention 2023, IZUMIO Factory Tour, and the NPUSA Farewell Party activities.

Do the Caravan members and ELEVATE 2023 Achievers have the same Japan tour? 

The Caravan members and ELEVATE 2023 Achievers will have separate tour schedules. It is not permitted for members from one group to attend the tour schedule of the other group, as the accommodations are different for each group. 

However, all members, regardless of their respective groups, will come together and unite as Team USA at the FESTA World Convention and the Farewell Party!

Can I buy more than one ticket?

Yes. Purplepass allows you to purchase up to 10 tickets at a time. You can buy tickets in place of other people.

Can I buy tickets for guests/prospects?

Only package 3 is open for guests and prospects. Package 1 and 2 are for members-only. If you purchase package 1 or 2 as a guest/prospect, your ticket will be rejected and the purchase will be canceled. 

Will ELEVATE 23 achievers and NP Fan Caravan package purchasers be on the Shefco day together? Or will they be on a tour on completely different day(s) and times?

ELEVATE 23 achievers and Caravan members will NOT be on the same Shefco tour. The tours will be on the same day but different times.

If you have purchased a NP Fan Caravan package, the meet-up location will be at the Naturally Plus Tokyo Salon: 
35, Izumi Garden Tower, 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-6035

In Japanese: 東京都港区六本木1-6-1 泉ガーデンタワー35階. 

There will be a bus that will take you to the Shefco Factory. There will be a ride back to the Tokyo Salon after the tour as well. The official meet-up time will be announced closer to the date. 

Do I have to book my own hotel? 

Yes, you will have to book your own hotel. We recommend locations close in proximity to the Naturally Plus Tokyo Salon and the Yokohama Arena. So, you can possibly 1) book two separate hotels (to be near each location), or 2) book a hotel room that is in-between the two locations.

If I purchased any of the NP Fan Caravan packages and I subsequently achieve ELEVATE 23 Tier 3, will I be reimbursed for the ticket price? Or will I just have to pay the remaining balance of the $1,000 payment?

Two things will happen:  

1. The NP Fan Caravan purchase will be refunded.

2. Payment of $1000 for Tier 3 must then be paid to NPUSA.

Instead of paying the difference, there will be two separate transactions. We will email you the exact procedure when the time comes. 

I am an ELEVATE achiever but I would like to give that benefit up to be part of the Caravan. Can I do that? How would I proceed? 

Yes, you can. Please contact Erica (erica_l@npusainc.com) so she can make the necessary arrangements for you. The earlier the better!

What is the check-in process for the FESTA World Convention?

If you are buying any of the Caravan packages, below is the check-in process:

*If you are an ELEVATE achiever, the process will be different. Please refer to the ELEVATE FAQ that Corporate has provided you.

If my friend and I purchased FESTA tickets separately, can we still sit next to each other? 

The Purplepass tickets don’t correlate to specific seats. That will be decided the moment you go up to the NPUSA ticket booth at the Yokohama Arena on the day of the event. So to sit with a friend, please show up together at the NPUSA ticket booth and we will give you the consecutive seat numbers then. 

Because of the system above, you will not be able to  enter alone and attempt to save seats next to you or the whole row for that matter. Each seat has a designated ticket —  Full control of the seat numbers are handled at the booth. If you and your friends would like close-up seats, please show up early at the booth together with the individuals you wish to sit with.

I purchased Caravan tickets but cannot go anymore, or the person I bought it for cannot go anymore. What should I do? 

No problem! You are permitted to transfer tickets to other members. Just let us know at marketing@npusainc.com who this ticket is going to and their Member ID. We will go ahead and change the ticketholder name on Purplepass. 

It is very important you inform us, as we check the ticketholder names when you come up to the USA booth. If there is a mismatch, there will be a delay in the process. 

I have more questions about the Yokohama Arena venue! 

Their website is both in Japanese and English! For more frequently asked questions about the venue itself, please click here to be redirected to their site.